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D. Reading - trang 53 - Unit 12 - Sách bài tập (SBT) tiếng Anh 9 mới

Bình chọn:
4 trên 2 phiếu

Read the passage about how Mai chose her career, and do the tasks that follow. Đoạn văn sau về cách Mai chọn nghề nghiệp của cô ấy và làm các nhiệm vụ phía dưới.

1. Read the passage about how Mai chose her career, and do the tasks that follow.
Đoạn văn sau về cách Mai chọn nghề nghiệp của cô ấy và làm các nhiệm vụ phía dưới.

I had always dreamt of working in a bank because I thought I would earn a lot of money. I was told that I had to try hard to make my dream come true.
I burnt the midnight oil and finally had some success. First, I was accepted to a prestigious secondary school in Ha Noi. There, I gained not only knowledge but also a number of skills including team work, cooperation, and interpersonal skills. I also became much more organised, thanks to the mountains of work which had to be completed to meet the strict deadlines. I felt I was lucky to have such supportive peers and excellent teachers. My next achievement was when I gained admission to the Banking Academy of Viet Nam.

After three years, I graduated and was awarded a degree in banking. But I realised that I wasn't suited to a nine-to-five job in a bank, even though I was still interested in the subject of finance. Feeling confused, I decided to talk to my parents and my closest friend. Interestingly, I learned that I had the qualifications, skills, and above all, the aptitude for a teaching career. And now I'm a lecturer for the Banking Academy where I graduated.

a, Find the words/phrases in the passage that mean:
1. obtained
2. times when something must be finished

3. permission to enter
4. not knowing what to do
5. a natural ability to do something

b. Answer the questions.
1. Why did the author want to work in a bank?
2. How did she prepare for her future career?
3. What are her major achievements?
4. What qualification did she receive?
5. Why did she change her mind?
6. Which of her skills do you think best suit her final choice?

Key - Đáp án:

a, 1. gained                2. deadlines                     3. admission                  4. confused                 5. aptitude


1. Because she thought she would make a bundle/earn a lot of money.

2. She burnt the midnight oil/worked very hard.

3. She was accepted to a prestigious secondary school in Ha Noi, then to the Banking Academy of Viet Nam.

4. She got a university degree in banking.

5. She found out that she didn't want to do a nine-to-five job.



2a. Read the CV below and match the headings with the rights sections.

Đọc CV sau và nối các tiêu đề với đúng mục của nó.

b. Decide if the following statements about Hoa are true T or false (F).

Các câu sau về Hoa là đúng hay sai.

1. Hoa is a translator and interpreter.

2. She has an aptitude for foreign languages.

3. She has appropriate education for the teaching job.

4. She doesn't have the necessary skills to be a teacher.

5. Her hobbies are somewhat compatible with her work.

Key - Đáp án:


1. Personal Information                     2. Education                 3. Experience

4. Skills                                             5. Hobbies and interests                            


1. F               2. T              3. T                    4. F              5. T


3. Read the letter from Duong to Jenny and anwser the questions that follow by chosing A, B, C or D.

Đọc bức thư sau Dương gửi cho Jenny và trả lời câu hỏi.

Dear Jenny,
It's great to learn that you have been granted a scholarship to study at Queens' College, a prestigious part of Cambridge University, and that you will be able to pursue your dream of becoming a biologist. Congrats!
I've been accepted to the maths class at Ha Noi High School - one of the best schools in Ha Noi. I love maths and I hope to become a mathematician one day. I know the route ahead is not smooth because I'll have to take courses in moths, physics, and computing. My dad said I need not only a bachelor's degree, but dec y a doctoral one if I want to get a good job. I'd love to work at the Institute of Mathematics like my dad because, due to his work at the institute, he has also been invited to teach several universities in France. Alternatively, I can choose applied mathematics and work in finace for an international company.
Moreover, my mother said I also need soft skills like team work skill interpersonal skills, and communication skills to do either of those jobs. Luckily, new school provides many extracurricular classes which I can take part in to relax and to pick up those skills.
Anyway, there's plenty of time for me to make details plans. Twe decided to take a break for a while.
Wish you were here to go with me to Da Nang.

1. Jenny is going to study at Queens'College because ________
A. she has been granted a scholarship
B. she wants to study biology there
C. it's a prestigious college in the UK
D. all of the above
2. Which of the following is most likely NOT true of Ha Noi High School?
A. It's one of the best schools in Ha Noi.
B. It has also non-academic subjects.
C. It merely focuses on providing knowledge.
D. It provides both good knowledge and skills.

3. Duong wants to work in the Institude of Mathematics because ____

A. he can earn a lot of money 

B. He can travel to many countries

C. his dad is a mathematician

D. he loves mathematics

4. He intends to obtain ______

A. a doctoral degree only

B. a doctoraldegpeeand the necessary skills

C. a bachelor's degree and the necessary skills

D. a master's degree and the necessary skills

5. An example of soft skills can be .

A. driving a car

B. communication skills

C. knowledge

D. a sense of Tumour

6. The word extracurricular mostly means ______

A. academic

B. compulsory

C. additional - outside

D. outside

Key - Đáp án:

1. D             2. C               3. D                4. B             5. B                6. C

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