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Language focus - Unit 2 trang 11 sách bài tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 10

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Hướng dẫn giải sách bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Unit 2 - Language focus

B. Language focus:

Exercise 1. Choose the words with italicised letter(s) pronounced /^/ and /a:/.

Chọn từ có phần in nghiêng phát âm là /A/ và / a: /.

1. Passage    fast              language     headmaster   father        classmate

2. lovely       complain       worry          wonderful     holiday       month

3. student     subject         study          suffer           during        hundred

4. party        marvellous    market        marriage      partner       narrow

5. august      laundry         laugh          because        audience    aunt

Đáp án:

1. fast, headmaster, father, classmate

2. lovely, worry, wonderful, month

3. subject, study, suffer, hundred

4. party, marvellous, market, partner

5. laugh, aunt

 Exercise 2. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each sentence.

Chọn phướng ấn đúng nhất để hoàn thành các câu sau

1. My cousin is keen on _____   the English Club.

A . join                   B. to join                 C. joining              D. having joined

2. There is no point in _____ the child now. What is done is already done.

A. punishing           B. teaching               C. helping                D. paying

3. A favourite occupation among children is _____ sandcastles.

A. to build              B. building                C. build                   D. being built

4. We couldn't stop that dog from _____ us wherever we went.

A. coming              B. joining                  C. watching             D. following

5. He insisted on _____  the job himself.

A. to do                  B. do                       C. doing                  D. having done

6. The little boy's favourite game was _____ to be an emperor.

A. pretend              B. pretended            C. to be pretending   D. pretending

7. A popular sport in this place is _____ wild bears.

A, to hunt               B. hunting                C. hunt                    D. hunted

8.   The doctor advised him to give up _____.

A. drinking              B. drink                   C. to drink                D. drunk

9. His latest hobby is_____ seashells.  

A. making               B. discovering          C. finding                  D. collecting

10. When you wade in the stream, you must beware of _____ on sharp stones

A. having stepped    B. being stepped      C. stepping.              D. to step

Đáp án:

1. C      2. A      3. B      4. D      5. C

6. D      7. B      8. A      9. D      10. C

Exercise 3. Choose the appropriate options (A-H) to complete the sentences (1-8).

Chọn phương án thích hợp để hoàn thành các câu

A. to enter                       E. to shelter

B. to admit                       F. to read

C. to serve                       G. to move

D. to announce                 H. to write

1. She learnt _____when she was quite young.

2. They are_____ the results immediately after the last contestant has performed.

3. You are_____ out the composition in black ink on lined paper.

4. The crowd of people wanted _____at the same time, so there was a jam in the doorway.

5. The ladies are _____refreshments for the visitors after the exhibition.

6. They intend_____ into a bigger house.

7. My brother refused_____ that he was wrong.

8. They went into the hut because they wanted _____  from the rain. 

Đáp án:

1. F      2. D      3. H      4. A

5. C      6. G      7. B      8. E

Exercise 4. Put the verbs in brackets into gerund or infinitive.

Biến đổi động từ trong ngoặc về dạng danh động từ hoặc dạng nguyên thể.

1. She apologised for (borrow) my dictionary without (ask) for permission and promised never (do) it again.

2. Most people prefer (spend) money to (earn) it.

3. He made me (repeat) his instructions (make) sure that I understood what I was (do) after he had gone.

4. I didn't feel like (work) so I suggested (spend) the day in the garden.

5. Why do you keep (look) back? Are you afraid of (be) followed?

6. He decided (put) broken glass on top of his wall (prevent) boys from (climb) over it.

7. You still have a lot (learn) if you forgive my (say) so.

8. It's no use (try) (interrupt) him. You'll have (wait) till he stops (talk)   .

9. He didn't like (leave) the children alone in the house but he had no alternative as he had (go) out to work.

10. We got tired of (wait) for the weather (clear) and finally decided (set) out in the rain. 

Đáp án:

1. borrowing - asking - to do

2. spending - earning

3. repeat - to make - to do

4. working - spending

5. looking - being


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