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TEST YOURSELF 1 - trang 24 Sách bài tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 8 mới

Bình chọn:
4.1 trên 16 phiếu

Write the words in the correct boxes.

1. Write the words in the correct boxes. (1 p)

Viết các từ vào ô đúng.



2. Write the right word/ phrase under each picture. (1 p)

Viết từ/cụm từ đúng dưới mỗi bức tranh.


1. buffalo-drawn cart

2. abbreviations

3. beach games

4. pastures

5. communal house  

6. costumes

7. terraced fields

8. nomads


3. Choose A, B, C,or D to complete each sentence. (1 p)

Chọn A, B, C hay D để hoàn thành mỗi câu.

1. The US is a  __________ country with over 80 ethnic groups.

A. multi-cultural          B. bi-lingual    C.rich  D. Ethnic

2. Among the  __________, the Tay people have the largest population.

A. groups        B. majorities    C. ethnic minorities D. ethnic cultures

3. So many eople nowadays are __________ computers and mobile phones. They use them a lot.

A. addicted to             B.bored with   C. worried about         D. afraid of 

4. __________ can make you relaxed. You enjoy them in your free time.

A. Sports         B. Leisure activities    C. Riding a horse        D. Flying a kite

5. I love __________ with my best friend Susan during the weekend. We go window-shopping or to the cinema

A. chatting      B. studying     C. visiting        D. hanging out

6. Both my brother and I help            __________ our family's goats. We feed them on the pastures by the edge of the village.

A. herds          B. to herd        C. herding       D. to herding

7. A tent can be __________ pulled down and transported than a ger.

A. more easily B. most easily  C. easier          D. as easily

8. Nick, we’re goin’ to a cultural event __________. Would you like to join us?

A. J4F             B. EZ              C. w/               D. 2moro

9. - __________ is the most interesting museum in Ha Noi?

- I think it's the Museum of Ethnology.

A. Which do you think           B. Which you think

C. What do you think             D. What you think

10. The volunteers have to work much ­__________ usual to save the dying animals from the forest fìre.

A. as hard as   B. more hard than

C. harder than D. the hardest


1. A

2. C

3. A

4. B

5. D

6. B

7. A

8. D

9. A

10. C


4. Read the passage and do the tasks that follow. (2 p)

Đọc đoạn văn và làm theo yêu cầu sau đó.

After retiring, my uncle - a lover of the sea - took up a strange leisure activỉty: he spends most mornings at the beach looking for things that the sea sends ashore. He says: ‘lt's a multi-benefìcial leisure activity I can get someexercise, bending. picking up, and walking. I can breathe the fresh air and enjoy the vastness and quietness of the sea. Sometimes I watch the children playing beach games and I feel years younger. At the same time, I can also clean the beach. It's volunteer work, isn’t it? Many of the things I pick up from the beach are still useful to someone. I clean them and sell them at the Sunday flea market in the town nearby. Do you know of any leisure activỉty that pays? Mine does!’

a. The questions below are wrong. Correct them.

1. - Who a lover of the sea is?

- My uncle is.

2. - Which part of the day do he go to the beach, the morning or the afternoon?

- He goes to the beach in the morning.

3. - How is the sea like?

- It's vast and quiet.

4. - What kind of volunteer work he does?

- Cleaning the beach.

b. Make questions for the answers below

1. - __________________?

- After he retired.

2. - __________________?

- The vastness and quietness of it.

3. - __________________?

- He feels years younger.

4. - __________________?

- He sells them at a flea market.



1. Who is a lover of the sea?

2. Which part of the day does he go to the beach, the morning or the afternoon?

3. What is the sea like?

4. What kind of volunteer work does he do?



1. When did the writer's uncle take up this strange leisure activity?

2. What does he enjoy about the sea?

3. How does he feel watching the children playing beach games?

4. What does he do with the things he finds on the beach?


5. Rearrange the sentences in their correct order to make a complete interview. (1 p)

Sắp xếp lại các câu theo thứ tự đúng và làm một bài phỏng vấn hoàn chỉnh.

___ A. Do you enjoy these experiences?

___ B. And are there things you don't like?

___ C. You're welcome.

___ D. Have you ever been to the countryside, Nguyen?

___ E.  The people? I love them. They are so ữiendly, and they live much more simply than city people.

___ F.  The inconvenience. Last month, my classmates and I went to a festival of the Tay people in Sa Pa I got a flat tyre, and I couldn’t find anywhere to mend it.

___ G. Thank you, Nguyen for spending time with us.

___ H. Sure, lots of times.

___ I. But what about the people?

___ J. Most of the time, yes. Once I visited a fruit garden in Lai Thieu in the mango season. I've never eaten so many mangoes in my life. They're so delicious, especially when you can pick them yourself and eat them fresh from the trees.


1. D

2. H

3. A

4. J

5. B

6. F

7. I

8. E

9. G

10. C


6. Read the passage and answer the questions. (1 p)

Đọc bài viết và trả lời câu hỏi.


We are Khmer Krom, one of the biggest ethnic groups in the south of Viet Nam. We live by farming - mostly rice - and fishing on the Mekong River. Life is sometimes hard as our work depends heavily on the weather. When it is not harvest time, the men of the village go fishing from early morning and don't return until late afternoon. By the time they return, most of the village women will be waiting for them on the river bank. They wait to buy the fish, which they will later sell at the local market or bring to the nearby town for a higher price. We children will be there too. We love running around the beach and waiting for the boats to come in.         

Our most important festival of the year is the Chol Chnam Thmay, which celebrates the New Year. It falls mid-April. Every family tries to prepare well for the festive activities. The community also visits and helps poor families so that everybody has a happy New Year.

1. Where do the Khmer Krom live?

2. Why is life hard for the Khmer?

3. When do the women and children of the village go to the river bank?

4. What do the women do with the fish they buy from the fishermen?

5. What is Chol Chnam Thmay?

6. Who are helped by the community at this festival? Why?


1. In the south of Viet Nam.

2. Because their jobs depend heavily on the weather.

3. In the afternoon, when the fishing boats come in.

4. They sell them at the local market or the town nearby.

5. It's a celebration of the New Year.

6. The poor families because they want everybody to have a happy New Year.


7. Find and correct ONE mistake in each sentence. (1 p)

Tìm và sửa 1 lỗi ở mỗi câu.

1. I prefer read comics in my free time.

2. For some people, training pets are hard work.

3. How many leisure time did the people in Viet Nam have on an average day?

4. A camel runs much more slowly as a horse.

5. For many ethnic groups in the mountains, the horse is still the more convenient means of transport.

6. Mai enjoys to make crafts, especially cloth dolls.

7. What place would you like to visit: the mountains or the sea?

8. I often try to finish my homework before to watch TV.

9. There is the colourful picture on the wall.

10. What is life like in a countryside?


1. read => reading

2. are => is     

3. many => much

4. as => than

5. more => most

6. to make => making

7.What => Which

8. to watch => watch

9. the => a

10. a => the


8. Rearrange the words/ phrases given to make complete sentences. (2 p)

1. Teenagers/ on/ Nowadays/ more/ past/ rely/ the/ than/ technology/ in/.

2. it/ law/ discriminate/ is/ group/ to/ against/ethnic/ any/ In our country,/ the /against/.

3. minorities/ still/ traditional/ Some/ life/ in/ ways/ mountains/ their/ the/ keep/ of/.

4. first farm work/ trip/ countryside/1/ had/ experience/ my/ of/ on/ the/ a/ to/.

5. all/ a Computer/ problems/ Sitting/ in front of/ health/ day/ cause/ can/.

6. a/ Life/ We/ from/ people/:/ live/ different/ other/ a nomadic life/ many/.

7. over/ Life/ changed/ past/ in/ countryside/ the/ the/ has/ ten/ years/ a lot/.

8. among/ beautiful/ Sa Pa’s/ world/ terraced fields/ in/ most/ are/ the/ the.


1. Nowadays teenagers rely on technology more than in the past.

2. In our countrỵ, it is against the law to discriminate against any ethnic group.

3. Some minorities in the mountains still keep their traditional ways of life.

4. I had my fìrst experience of farm work on a trip to the countryside.

5. Sitting in front ofa Computer all day can cause health problems.

6. We live a different life from many other people: a nomadic life.

7. Life in the countryside has changed a lot over the past ten years.

8. Sa Pa's terraced fields are among the most beautiful in the world.

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