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  • A. "Time for TV" Unit 14 Trang 124 SBT Tiếng Anh 7


    Câu 1. Check the things you like / don’t like doing in the evening. Then write full sentences on what you like / don’t like doing. Câu 2. Complete the dialogues. Use the expressions in the box. The first one is done for you. Câu 3. Make questions. Use the expressions in the box. Câu 4. Complete sentences about TV in Viet Nam many years ago. Use the words in the box.

  • B. "What's on" Unit 14 Trang 129 SBT Tiếng Anh 7


    Câu 1. Write the sentences. Use the cue words Câu 2. Write 6 sentences about you: what you like; what you don’t really like and what you prefer. Câu 3. Look at the TV guide. Write lists of the programs. Use these categories.