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Test Yourself 4 - Kiểm tra cá nhân 4

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Fine the word which is pronounced differently in the part underlined. Tìm từ có cách phát âm khác các từ còn lại.

1. Fine the word which is pronounced differently in the part underlined.
Tìm từ có cách phát âm khác các từ còn lại.

1. A. ahead                        B. instead                    C. seat-belt            D. bread

2. A. left                            B. centure                    C. enter                D. frighten

3. A. traffic                        B. plane                      C. station                D. pavement

4. A. washed                     B. needed                   C. danced                 D. matched

5. A. wanted                     B. filled                       C. stayed                 D. played

Key - Đáp án:

1. C; 2. D; 3. A; 4. B; 5. A

2. Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to complete the sentences. (1 p)

Chọn đáp án đúng nhất A, B, C hoặc D để hoàn thành các câu sau.

1. We_______ to school two years ago. Now I go to school on foot.

A. used to cycle           B. cycled                      C. was cycling              D. went

2. My father used to go to work by motorbike. Now he____ .

A. cycled                     B. was cycling              C. cycles                       D. used to cycle

3. ______ the film is a bit frightening, I really enjoyed it.

A However                    B. Nevertheless            C. Although                D. Despite

4. _____the silly story, many people enjoyed the film.

A. In spite of                B. Although                 C. However                   D. Nevertherless

5. The film didn't receive good reviews from critics.___ , many people saw it.

A Although                   B. In spite of                C. Despite                     D. However

6. We will go on holiday with some friends of_____ .

A. our                         B. ours                         C. us                              D. we

7. A friend of______ is coming to stay with me next month.

A. me                         B. my                           C. I                                D. mine

8. What shall we do this evening? - We____to the cinema.

A. go                               B. could go                  C. could have gone      D. will be going

9. Careless driving______ accidents on the road.

A. will cause                     B. have caused             C. is causing               D. is going to cause

10. Nuclear power______ in the future.

A. will replace                   B. replaced                  C. will be replaced         D. replaces

Key - Đáp án:

1. A; 2. C; 3. C; 4. A; 5. D; 6. B; 7. D; 8. B; 9. A; 10. D


3. Choose the underlined part marked A, B, C, or D) that contains an error. (1 p)

Chọn đáp án có lỗi sai trong các câu sau.

 Key - Đáp án:

1. C; 2. A; 3. B; 4. D; 5. C

4. Fill each blank in the passage with a word from the box. (2 p)











Key - Đáp án:

1. cakes              2. carrying         3. shapes                 4. tells              5. who

6. plot                 7. around          8. to                        9. fifteenth        10. celebrate


5. Read the passage and tick true (T) or false (F) to the statements. Number 1 has been done as an example. (1 p)

Đọc đoạn văn sau và tích vào cột (T) nếu đúng và cột (F) nếu sai. Câu số 1 là ví dụ.

John 'avolta was born in 1954 in New Jersey. He was the youngest of six children. In 1975, he played ir programme called Welcome Back Kotter. The programme was very popular and Travolta became fan Then he started making movies and acted in several successful films. They included Saturday Night I and Grease. Audiences liked his acting and dancing.

In 1977, things suddenly went wrong. His mother died. Travolta said it was the worst time of his lif made several unsuccessful films, and thought about giving up as an actor. He was a pilot and had 1 planes, so he considered becoming a full-time pilot.

But then, when he was working on a movie called The Experts in 1987, he met Kelly Preston and they f love. They got married and had a son. They had four homes - in California, Florida, Maine and Hawaii.

In the mid-nineties, John Travolta's luck as an actor changed for the better. He made some very po| films. For the second time in his career, he became successful.




Travolta became famous when he played in a TV programme called Welcome Back Kotter.



Both his acting and dancing were very popular.




All his films have been successful.




He worked as a full-time pilot.




John and Kelly met and fell in love in 1987.




They had four planes and three homes.




 Key - Đáp án:

2. T; 3. F; 4. F; 5. T; 6. F


6. Decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each space. (1 p)

Chọn đáp án đúng nhất (A, B, C hoặc D) phù hợp nhất với mỗi chỗ trống sau.

The world's population (1)_________five-billion mark in 1987 and it is increasing (2)______about 1.7 % a year. At this rate of growth, the number of people in the world will double every 41 years. This rapid increase has been called the (3)  ____explosion. No one knows how many people the Earth can (4)_____. Many scientists believe that the world will soon become (5)______ , that is, it will have more people than it can support.

When too many people (6)____in a small place, life can become very difficult and (7)_____. In some places, there are so many people mere is not enough food or houses for everyone. Many families move to the cities, (8)____to find work and homes. So more homes need to be (9)____. The city spreads over more and more farming land. As the world's population (10)_____, there is less and less land left for argriculture to feed all the people.

1. A passed

5 S2SS

C. past

D. passing

2. A.to

= by

C. in

D. of

3. A pollution

: porjted

C. population

D. populated

4. A be supported


C. supporting

D. support

5. A. polluted


C. populated

D. overpopulation

6. A. to live

3 living

C. live

D. lived

7. A pleasant


C. pleased

D. unpleasant

8. A hope


C. hoped

D. hopeless

9. A. built


C. build

D. builds

10. A. grow

B grows

C. grew

D. growth

Key - Đáp án:
1. A; 2. B; 3. C; 4. D; 5. B; 6. C; 7. D; 8. B; 9. A; 10. B
7. Write questions for the underlined parts. (1 p)
Viết câu hỏi cho phần gạch chân.
1. My mum used to live in a small village when she was a girl.

2. We used to plav hide-and-seek when we were small.

3. They spent a huge amount of money on the film.

4. Titanic is a romantic film.

5. We went to the Flower -estival in Da Lat last year.

6. My father bought this T-shirt for me.

7. We enjoyed the f'm because it was entertaining.

8. It's about two kilometres from my house to my school.

9. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the school.

10. My friends save money to fly to Spain.

Key - Đáp án:

1.Where did your mum use to live when she was a girl?

2. What did we use to play when we were small?

3. How much money did they spend on the film?

4. What kind of film is Titanic?

5. When did you go to the Flower Festival in Da Lat?

6. Who bought this T-shirt for you?

7.Why did you enjoy the film?

8. How far is it from your house to your school?

9. How long does it take to get to the school?

10. Why do your friends save money?


8. Write a short passage about one of the festivals you know. You can use the ideas provided. (2 p)

Name of festival

Time of the festival

Purpose of the festival

Main activites of the festival

Your feeling about the festival

Key - Đáp án gợi ý:

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. It falls on the third Thursday in November. That means it comes different days in different years, just like the Vietnamese New Year. How it was started is not clear but this day is a time for American families to get together. People usually eat turkey, smashed potato and pumpkin pie. This is initially celebrated in America and then in Canada. It is not celebrated in Viet Nam. But I like it a lot because I see on TV how happy people are when they get together and I Thanksgiving food. So I think it must be a good holiday.

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