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Câu 9 Unit 4 Trang 44 Sách bài tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 9

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4.6 trên 7 phiếu

Read the passage about English and fill in each gap with one suitable word. Circle A, B, C or D.

Read the passage about English and fill in each gap with one suitable word. Circle AB, C or D.

(Đọc bài văn về tiếng anh và đền chỗ trống với từ thích hợp. Khoanh vào A, B, C , D)

English began as a west Germanic language which was brought to England around 400 AD. Old English was the spoken and (1)____________ language of England between 400 and 1100 AD. But Old English was very different from modem English and only a (2)__________ words can be easily recognized. English from about 1300 to 1500 is (3) __________  as Middle‘English. It was influenced by

French and Latin in (4) _________ and pronunciation. Modern English developed from the Middle English dialect of the East Midlands and was influenced by the English (5)_________ in London, where a printing press was set up in 1476. The development of printing (6) ____________  establish standards of spelling and grammar, (7) _____ there remained a lot of variation. (6)   ________  the 18th century American English was well-established and developing independently (9)_____________ British English. Americans believed that (10) _____________ their own language was part of their national identity. the 19th century, more words were (12) from the greatly

(ID ____ languages of the immigrants to the US. Black English (13) extended the language. At the end of the 20th century English tends to be (14)__________ less formal. Few British people know much about grammar, since it is not usually (15)__________ in schools, but a (16)_________ who cannot speak and write.(17)_________ is likely to be at a disadvantage. English is now an international language and is used as a means of (18) between people from many countries.

1. A. written

    B. writing

2. A. lot

    B. little

3. A. said

    B. told

4. A. vocabulary

    B. meaning

5. A. written

    B. used

6. A. supported

    B. helped

7. A. and

    B. so

8. A. On

    B. While

9. A. for

    B. on

10. A. have

    B. having

11. A. In

    B. On

12. A. spoken

    B. written

13. A. same

    B. likely

14. A. greatly

    B. lot

15. A. spoken

    B. written

16. A. person

    B. people

17. A. grammar

    B. grammatical

18. A. contact

    B. communication

C. discussed

D. discussing

C. few

D. some

C. spoken


C. language

D. writing

C. speaking


C. assisted

D. aided


D. but

C. By

D. Upon

C. off

D. from

C. lacking

D. knowing

C. While

D. For


D. exported

C. too

D. also

C. much

D. more

C. taught

D. learned

C. nation

D. individual

C. grammatically

D. ungrammatically

C. exchange

D. relation

Đáp án


4. A

7. D

10. B

13. D

16. A


5. B

8. C

11. A

14. C

17. C


6. B

9. D

12. C

15. C

18. B


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