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Test yourself 2 - trang 47 Sách Bài Tập (SBT) Tiếng anh 10 mới

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Tổng hợp các bài tập trong phần Test yourself 2 - trang 47 Sách Bài Tập (SBT) Tiếng anh 10 mới

1. Put the words or phrases in the right columns according to their stress patterns.

Đặt các từ hoặc cụm từ vào cột bên phải theo mô hình trọng âm của chúng.

hearing aid             electronic book             medical mirror

online game            video game                  laptop

mobile phone          washing machine

solar charger           smartphone

Đáp án:


video game

washing machine


hearing aid 

electronic book

solar charger

medical mirror

mobile phone

online game

2 Complete the following sentences with suitable words or phrases from the box.

Hoàn thành các câu sau với những từ hoặc cụm từ phù hợp từ hộp.

 tablet   volunteer     e-book    donations    parentless

 online games  disabilities   mobile phone   charity  laptop

1. A_______ is a small computer that you can carry with you.

2. Kate is a _______teacher. She teaches English in my school.

3. An _______ is an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.

4. Smiling____ _is a non-profit organisation that helps the street children in my hometown.

5. This_______ is a special birthday present from my father.

6. Many young people like playing _______ in their free time.

7. Overseas volunteers help Viet Nam to support children with mental and physical _______                       

8. Can I use your____ for a while? I want to call my mother now.

9. Some children in our community who are _______ and homeless need help from charity organisations.

10. The Heart to Heart Charity calls for_______ from all people.

Đáp án:

1. laptop               2. volunteer

3. e-book              4. charity

5. tablet                6. online games

7. disabilities         8. mobile phone

9. parentless        10. donations

3 Use the endings: -ing, -ed, -ful, or -less of the words in brackets to complete the following sentences.

Sử dụng kết thúc: -ing, -ed, -ful, hoặc -less của các từ trong ngoặc đơn để hoàn thành các câu sau đây.

1. Look at that poor little boy! He's_____. (mother)

2. I felt asleep because the play was so _____ (bore)

3. Tom is very_____ with his new job. (disappoint)

4. Thank you very much for your_____ teaching materials! (use)

5. The volunteer teacher is_____ in teaching English in my school, (interest)

Đáp án:

1. motherless

2. boring

3. disappointed

4. useful

5. interested

4 Choose A, B, C, or D for each gap in the following sentences.

Chọn A, B, C, hoặc D cho mỗi khoảng cách trong các câu sau đây.

1. At 7 p.m. yesterday, I_____ dinner in the kitchen.

A. cooked                 B was cooking

C. have cooked         D.am cooking

2 When I arrived home, my sister____ to someone on the phone.

A. is talking                      B. talks

C. was talking                   D. has talked

3. Mai was watching TV when the phone______

A. rings                         B. was ringing

C. has rung                   D. rang

4. While we____ football, it suddenly began to rain.

A. were playing                         B. have played

C. are playing                           D. play 

5. When I______ the thief, he was stealing something from the shop.

A. see                        B. was seeing

C. saw                       D. have seen

6. Someone suddenly stopped her while she______ in the park.

A. was running               B. ran

C. has run                     D. runs

7. We______ to London. We visited it in 2006.

A. were                    B. have been 

C. are                       D. had been    

8. The Chinese___ printing.

A. have invented                  B. were inventing

C. invented                         D are inventing

9. Two days ago, I lost my bike keys, but now I _____ them

A. find                             B. was finding

C. found                          D have found

10. Your hair looks different! ______ you ______ a haircut?

A. Did - get                     B. Are - getting

C. Have - got                  D. Were - getting

Đáp án:

1.B          2.C          3. D           4. A          5. C

6. A           7. B          8. A           9. D          10. C

5. Match 1-5 with a-e and complete the sentences using the correct form of the verb (V-ing or to-infinitive)

Nối 1-5 với a-e và hoàn thành các câu sử dụng đúng hình thức của động từ (V-ing hoặc to-infinitive)

1. Many people spend hours______

2. You can use a website as an address ______

3. A scanner is used for______

4. You can use a hard disk______

5. A modem is used for one computer ______

a. (store) information in a computer.

b. (communicate) with another computer.

c. (surf) the Internet.

d. (find) information about a company.

e. (transfer) pictures or documents to a computer

Đáp án:

1. c (surfing)         2. d (to find)             3. e (transferring)

4. a (to store)    5. b (to communicate)

6. Read the passage about Spring School and answer the questions.

Đọc đoạn văn về Spring School và trả lời các câu hỏi.

      Spring school is an informal school. It provides classes for disadvantaged children in Ho Chi Minh City. Around 30 street children live and study at the school and about 250 children with special difficulties from District 1 regularly attend classes.

      The Organisation for Educational Development cooperated with Spring School to set up English classes in 1998. Dance, theatre, singing, and folk music claasse were set up a year later. Children from these classes participate in fundraising performances. They raise money to continue their English and Perormance Arts classes. Spring school requires volunteers to help organise their fundraising dinner held annually in June. This is an exciting night in which children dance, sing and play music at one of the largest hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. They also need volunteers to contact sponsor and help to expand the school activites. Volunteers are required from February until Junly to help organise these events.

1. What is the aim of Spring School?


2. What kinds of children attend classes at the school?


3. When were the English classes set up?


4. Why do the school children raise money?


5. Where is the fundraising dinner held?


6. What are foreign volunteers required to do?


Đáp án:

1. To provide classes for disadvantaged children in Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Street children and children with special difficulties do.

3. In 1998.

4. To continue their English and performance Arts classes.

5. Atone of the largest hotels in Ho Chi Minh City.

6. To contact sponsors and help to expand the school activities.

7. Read the passage about Adam Ezra Cohen and decide whether the following statement are true (T) or false (F).

Đọc đoạn văn về Adam Ezra Cohen và quyết định xem tuyên bố sau là đúng (T) hay sai (F).

        Each year the top high-school science student in the United States participate in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. This contest offers a $40,000 college scholarship as its top prize. Last year, with 1,652 students entering, the top prize was won by Adam Ezra Cohen, a 17-year old boy from New York City. Adam won for his invention of an electrochemical paintbrush. This ‘paintbrush’ is an electronic circuit that prints tiny patterns on silicon surfaces- parents so tiny that 50 words would fit within the width of a human hair. If further developed, the invention could be used to make powerful microchips for computers. Impessive as this invention sounds, it is only one among many in total, including a computer curso that users can move with their eyes.

1. The American top high-school science student enter the annual Westinghouse Science Talent Search.

2. They spend 40,000 dollars holding this contest.

3. Last year, Adma Ezra Cohen from New York City won the top prize.

4. His invention is a kind of a normal printer that looks like an ‘paintbrush’.

5. That paintbrush can print 50 patterns on sillicon surfaces.

6.  One of his inventinos is a computer cursor that userscan move with eyes.

Đáp án:

1.T              2.F              3.T

4.F              5.F              6.T

8. Write about the benefits of a smart TV. Use the following prompts or your own ideas.

Viết về lợi ích của một chiếc TV thông minh. Sử dụng lời nhắc hoặc ý tưởng của bạn.

1. For communication:   

2. For entertainment:       

3. For Information:

4. For convenience:

Đáp án

A smart TV is a modern and 'intelligent’ TV.

First, it functions as a normal TV. With a smart TV at home you can see and learn about people, places and things from around the world. You can have video chats with friends. It also provides video-on-demand service.

Second, it helps you watch a variety of online programmes such as YouTube, join social network.

Third, it functions as a normal computer. It helps you surf the Net, using a remote control from a coach.

Finally, it helps you get access to the Internet very quickly.

So, a smart TV is considered as a 'comfortable and simple computer’.


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