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Language Focus - Unit 6 trang 45 Sách bài tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 12

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Hướng dẫn giải sách bài tập tiếng Anh 12 unit 6 phần Language Focus


Exercise 1.Read the sentences, paying attention to the weak form of the conjunctions and prepositions.

[ Đọc các câu sau, chú ý đến dạng yếu của liên từ và giới từ ]

1. No, wait a minute. Let me change that. Let’s have a brandy and a soda.

2. I’d like to. But I can’t.

3. There you are, Betty - a bottle of milk.

4. He hates to be away from me.

5. What are you looking for?

6. Where were you at one o’clock?

7. The book is to her, not from her.

Exercise 2.Decide whether it is possible to leave out the word(s) underlined in each sentence.

[ Quyết định xem có thể lược bỏ những từ được gạch chân trong mỗi câu được hay không]

Example: It was the first car that I ever drove, (possible)

1. He was the first man who landed on the moon.

2. She was the first woman who was elected to parliament.

3. Harry isn’t the kind of person who gets on with everyone.

4. In the whole book there was only one chapter which interested me.

5. There is only one Greek island which I haven’t visited.

6. It’s the long winters here that really depress most people.

7. Do you like the person who sits next to you in class?

8. The letter that arrived this morning contained bad news.

9. There is no one whom I would prefer to you as a co-driver.


 1. impossible            2. possible           3. impossible

4. impossible            5. possible             6. impossible

8. impossible           9. impossible           10. possible

Exercise 3.Choose the correct answer.

[ Chọn câu trả lời đúng]

1. The person                 is not here.

A. which I want to see                 C. whom I want to see

B. whose I want to see                D. why I want to see

2. My friend,                 , has gone overseas.

A. which you spoke to last week               C. whom you spoke to last week

B. that you spoke to last week                 D. whose you spoke to last week

3. The children                 are coming to stay with us.

A. whose mother is ill                 C. that mother is ill

B. whom mother is ill                 D. which mother is ill

1. Ann, _             , was awarded a scholarship.

A. whose scored the highest marks in our class

B. scored the highest marks in our class

C. who scored the highest marks in our class

D. whom scored the highest marks in our class

2. Is that the nurse                 ?

A. which injection caused you so much pain

B. that injection caused you so much pain

C. whose injection caused you so much pain

D. whom injection caused you so much pain

3. The reception cheered her up                .

A. that she was given                 C. whose she was given

B. whom she was given              D. why she was given

4. My father,                 , bought a present for me.

A. which returned from Singapore

B. whom returned from Singapore

C. whose returned from Singapore

D. who returned from Singapore

5. The car belongs to Mr. Kheng,                .

A. which is our new manager                 C. whom is our new manager

B. that is our new manager                    D. who is our new manager


1.C           2. C        3. A           4. C

5. C          6. A         7. D          8. D

Exercise 4.Match the first half of the sentences in column A with the second half in column B to make correct sentences.



1. I put a lot of effort...

A ...on hold for ages.

2. They’ve made their decision...

B ...about who’s going to get promoted.

3. It’s not in your interest to...

C ...of work for over two months now.

4. The secretary’s kept me...

D ...into writing this report.

5. I don’t know why you didn’t apply...

E ...business long.

6. I think we re all in agreement...

F ...in your work.

7. Dean’s been out...

G ...for that position.

8. The shop hasn’t been in...

H ...accept a pay cut.

9. I’m glad you’re finally taking an interest...

I ..work, doesn’t he?

10. Jason lives fairly near his place of...

J ....on this, aren’t we?


1. D        2. B        3. H           4. A            5. G 

6. J         7.C         8. E           9. F            10. I


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