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Reading - Unit 9 trang 67 Sách bài tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 12

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Hướng dẫn giải sách bài tập tiếng Anh 12 unit 9 phần Reading


Part 1.Circle A, B, C, or D that best completes the following passage.

[ Khoanh tròn A, B, C hoặc D phù hợp nhất để hoàn thành bài đọc sau]

The Pijantjatjara people have lived for (1)            in the Western Desert of Australia.

A plateau about three hundred metres high covering an area larger than France and Italy (2)           , the land is crossed by sand dunes, the rocks and soil are bright red, spinifex and desert grasses grow everywhere and gum trees flourish along the gullies.

A prominent feature of the Western Desert is “Lake Disappointment” - an enormous salt lake which is dry (3)              . Aboriginal people never visit the lake fearing it is the home of cannibal beings.

The Desert people (4)            hundred different groups who speak a variety of dialects but can understand each other. Marriage patterns, family ties and religious ceremonies are very similar throughout the desert.

There are over fifty edible plants in the Western Desert as well as emus, kangaroos, snakes, lizards and insects. The bush tomatoes are an important food. It is dried, skewered on sticks and soaked before eating.

The availability of water dominates the way life is lived in the Western Desert. The aboriginal people are careful not to over-use the main sources and take steps to preserve springs and wells by covering them from the sun. Small (5)                  move from one source of water to another and regroup when their supplies diminish. They also gather for ceremonies and exchange but only when the area has sufficient water to support a large gathering.

The tools (6)            the desert people are lightweight and multi-purpose. Women carry large wooden dishes and a small smooth stone which is used with large grinding stone for crushing seeds. Men carry spears, a spear thrower, a club, and a small knife made of sharpened stone.

1. A. thousands of years            C. a thousand year

    B. thousand years                  D. a thousand of years

2. A. putting together                 C. take together

   B. put together                        D. taking together

3. A. most the time                     C. most of the time

    B. the most time                     D. most time

4. A. are made up                      C. are made from

   B. are made up from               D. are made up of

5. A. bands of people                C. band of people     

   B. bands of peoples               D. band of peoples

6. A. carried on                          C. carried by

   B. carried with                        D. carried away


1. A          2. B              3. C

4. D         5. A              6. C

Part 2.Read the passage and fill each blank with one suitable word. Write your answers in the space provided.

[ Đọc bài và điền vào mỗi chỗ trống với một từ thích hợp. Viết câu trả lời của bạn vào chỗ trống đã cho]

The Western Desert (1)                of Australia have been affected by European settlement like Aborigines everywhere else. Metal, glass (2)               cloth have been adopted by the people whenever they have been available. Explorers visited the area early on and information spread (3)                 quickly about the settlement of the white people (4)     ___  the coastal areas.

(5)               from these occasional explorers, the Aboriginal people of the desert had little (6)                with white Australia.

Missionaries came later but (7)              was not until the 1950s and 1960s when the British began testing rockets and atomic bombs in the desert (8)              the Aborigines’ traditional way of life virtually came to an (9)              .

Today there are no Aborigines (10)                have not been affected by the white invasion of their lands.

Hướng dẫn giải:

1. people         2. and     3. very         4. in         5. Apart 

6. contact         7. it          8. that          9. end         10. who



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