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Test Yourself 3 - Kiểm tra cá nhân 3

Bình chọn:
4.4 trên 14 phiếu

Find the word with a different sound in the underlined part in each line. Tìm từ có cách phát âm khác trong các từ sau.

1. Find the word with a different sound in the underlined part in each line. (1 p)
Tìm từ có cách phát âm khác trong các từ sau.

A. ahead

B. bread

C. pleasant

D. seat-belt

2 A. ways

B. days


D. stays

3. A. obey

B. key

C. grey

D. survey

4. A. staved

B. washed

C. filled

D. annoyed

5. A. embarrassed

B. crowded

C. excited

D. divided

Key - Đáp án:

1. D; 2. C; 3. B; 4. B; 5. A


2. Find the word with a different stress pattern from the others in each line. (1 p)

Tìm từ có trọng âm khác các từ còn lại.

1. A. traffic

B. dancer

C. cycling

D. balloon

2. A. central

B. gripping

C. complete

D. boring

3. A. obey

B. enter

C. answer

D. listen

4. A. station

B. healthy


D. alone

5. A. tidy

B. compete

C. extend

D. mistake

 Key - Đáp án:
1. D; 2. C; 3. A; 4. D; 5. A
3. Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to complete the sentences. (2 p)
Chọn đáp án đúng nhất A, B, C, hoặc D để hoàn thành các câu sau.

1. Does vour bike ever__ down on the way to school?


A. break


C. do

D. turn

2. I__ go on foot when 1 was in primary school.


A. have to to

B. used

C. can

D. may

3. Give a__ before you turn left or right.



A. sign


C. sound

D. signal

4. A lot of dancers go to Rio de Janeiro to__

the Rio Carnival.


A. join

B. perform

C. attend

D. appear

5. I had to stand in the balcor. to cato the whole___ of the parade.


A. view

B. picture

C. sight

D. vision

6. Evervbodv attends the festival____ fun.



A. with


C. in

D. of

7. On Thanksgiving, families and friends_____ to have a feast.



A. meet

B. arrive

C. gather

D. appear

8. The end of the film was so____.



A. moved

B. moving

C. move

D. moveable

9. Although they spent a lot of money on the film, it wasn'nt a big____.


A. success


C. performance

D. show

10. ___the film was gripping Tom slept from beginning to end.


A. However

. Although

C. In spite of

D. Despite

Key - Đáp án:

1. A; 2. B; 3. D; 4. C; 5. A; 6. B; 7. C; 8. B; 9. A; 10. B

4. Put the following correct order to make a dialoge. (1 p)
Sắp xếp các đoạn sau theo thứ tự để có một đoạn hội thoại.

________ A. It’s starring Will Smith. He plays a palace

guard who uncovers an alien plot to kill the Emperor.

________ B. It's a sci-fi about aliens who invade China. It

takes place along the Great Wall during the Ming Dynasty.

__________ C. Hey Nick! I'm going to see 'Attack from Planet

Q' at the Odeon theatre. Do you want to come?

________ D. Who's in it?

________ E. Critics say it's frightening and entertaining. It

won'Best Film'at the Cannes Film Festival.

________ F. Why don't we catch the 8:30 so that we can eat

something before we go?

________ G. What's that about?

________ H. What do critics say about it?

________ I. Showtimes are at 6.45 and 8.30.

________ J. OK. Let's see that. What time does it start?

 Key - Đáp án:

1. C; 2. G; 3. B; 4. D; 5. A; 6. H; 7. E; 8. J; 9. I; 10.F


5. Read the text and choose the correct answer A, B, C, or D for each of the gaps. (1 p)

Đọc đoạn văn sau và chọn đáp án đúng A, B, C hoặc D cho mỗi chỗ trống.


Always maintain a queue while waiting (1)          a bus. Never stand on queue on the middle of the road. At the time of boarding a bus do not try to run or chase the bus. Once you are inside the bus, (2)___ a seat and hold firmly on the handrail if you are standing.

Never try to (3)____ an overcrowded bus.

Avoid (4)_____ inside of a bus because your high-pitch noise may distract the attention of the driver and it could lead to a major(5)  accident.

1. A. for

B. to

C. on

D. in

2. A. hold

B. sit

C. take

D. find

3. choose

B. go

C. wait

D. board

4. shout

B. shouting

C. to shout

D. shouts

5. road

B. way

C. path

D. street

Key - Đáp án:

1. A; 2. C; 3. D; 4. B; 5. A

6. Read the text about New Year's Ever in Hong Kong and decide whether the staments are true(T) or false(F). (1 p)

I'll never forget my visit to Hong Kong. When I arrived, everybody was very busy with preparations involved. The atmosphere was fantastic. There were bright colours and delicious smells everywhere. The local people were cleaning every corner of their houses and decorating the walls with red pieces of paper.

Another custom is to cook fish on New Year's Ever and eat the next day. My friend told me that they wanted to have something to eat on the first day of the year.

I was really looking forward to New Year's Eve Dinner. The whole family got together and everyone was really happy. I noticed that the grandparents and parents gave children red envelopes with money inside. After dinner they all started playing cards for good luck. Nobody went to sleep before midnight. At midnight the great event begins: fireworks! I was really amazed. All around the city I could see and hear colourful fireworks. It was incredible and I was really excited.




1. The local people decorated the corners of their houses with red pieces of paper.



2. People cooked fish to eat on New Year's Eve.




3. The parents and grandparents gave their children red envelopes



4. People didn't go to bed before midnight.




5. The card games began at midnight.




Key - Đáp án:

1. F; 2. F; 3. T; 4. T; 5. F

7. Read the text and answer the questions that follow. (1 p)


The French call this day ’Mardi Gras’, which means ’Fat Tuesday’, because they had to use up any fatty food (such as milk, eggs and butter). To do this, they made crepes-thin pancakes which you roll up and eat with sugar. Today they still celebrate Mardi Gras by eating crepes.

In Italy, Shrove Tuesday is called 'Carnevale', which means 'goodbye to meat' and gives us the word Carnival. People eat fritters (special fried pastries), and in Naples they have a pasta dish called Grande Lasagne di Carnevale. The most famous Carnival is in Venice, where people in expensive costumes and handmade masks go to fashionable parties and dances.

In New Orleans, USA, the whole carnival season is called Mardi Gras, because it ends on ShroveTuesday - but it starts on 6 January! There are fancy-dress parties, street parades and food. Traditionally, everyone eats King Cakes, which are round cakes covered in purple, green and gold sugar, with a tiny baby doll hidden inside the cake.

1. Why do the French call Shrove Tuesday ’Mardi Gras’, which means ’Fat Tuesday’?


2. What do Italians call ShroveTuesday?


3. What do Italians eat at Carnival?


4. Where is the most famous Carnival in Italy?


5. What is the King Cake like?


Key - Đáp án:

1.  Because they had to use up any fatty food (such as milk, eggs and butter).

2.  They call it 'Carevale'.

3.  They eat fritters (special fried pastries).

4.   It is in Venice.

5.   It is a round cake ; coverd in purple, green and gold sugar, with a tiny baby doll hidden inside it.


8. Rewrite the sentences, using the words given. (2 p)

Viết lại các câu sau, sử dụng từ đã cho.

1. My uncle drove carelessly some years ago, but now he doesn't.                   USED


2. The distance between Ho Chi Minh City and VungTau is about 120 km.        IT


3. Although she is so young, she performs excellently.                                    AGE


4. What's the distance between New York City and Boston?                            FAR


5. Critics found his performance as King Lear disappointing.                            AT


Key - Đáp án:

1. My uncle used to drive carelessly some years ago.

2. It is about 120 km from Ho Chi Minh City to VungTau.

3. Despite/In spite of her young age, she performs excellently.

4. How far is it from New York City to Boston?

5. Critics were disappointed at his performance as King Lear.



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