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B. Vocabulary & Grammar – trang 4 – Unit 7 – Sách bài tập(SBT) tiếng Anh 7 mới

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4.1 trên 14 phiếu

What do these sign mean? Choose the correct answer. Những biển báo này mang ý nghĩa gì? Chọn đáp án đúng.

1. What do these sign mean? Choose the correct answer.
Những biển báo này mang ý nghĩa gì? Chọn đáp án đúng.

Key - Đáp án:

1. D; 2. C; 3. A; 4. B; 5. D

2. Choose the correct option for each gap in the sentences.

Chọn đáp án đúng cho mỗi chỗ trống trong các câu sau.

1. Linh used to______ jigsaw puzzles in his spare time.

Ado                   B. does              C. doing           D. did

2. My mum_______ the bus to work every morning, but Dad drives.

A catches B. goes                       C. does            D. runs

3. Traffic accidents can be prevented if people____ the rules.

A. remember B.obey                   C. go after D. take care of

4. You should look right and left when you go_____ the road.

A. along            B. up                 C.down            D. across

5. Hurry up, or we'll_____ the last bus.

A. lose              B. avoid             C. miss            D. drop

6. Before the new system of traffic control, there____ be more accidents.

A. use to B. used to C. is used to D. was used to

7. Public______ in this city is quite good, and it's not expensive.

A. journey           B. travel                  C. vehicle D. transport

8 ________ is not very far from here to the harbour.

-There              B.This                C.lt                  D That

Key - Đáp án:

1. A; 2. A; 3. B; 4. D

5. C; 6. B; 7. D; 8. C

3. Put questions for the underlined parts in the following sentences.

Đặt câu hỏi cho phần gạch chân.



1. Most of my classmates go to school by bicycle.


2. It is about three kilometres from my house to the nearest town.


3. The students are learning road signs in the schoolyard.


4. There are often traffic jams in the city centre in the rush hour.


5. My father used to go fishing in the pond near the woods.


6. Trung usually rides his motorbike very carefully.


Key - Đáp án:

1. How do most of your classmates go to school?

2. How far is it from your house to the nearest town?

3. What are the students learning in the schoolyard?

4. When are there often traffic jams in the city centre?

5. What did your father use to do?

6. How doesTrung usually ride his motorbike?

4. Put these expressions in the gaps to complete the sentences.

 Điền các biển báo thích hợp vào chỗ trống để hoàn thành câu.

train ticket                  traffic jam                          speed limit

zebra crossing             road users                          railway station

driving license             means of transport

  1. At some stations you can buy a______________ from the machine.
  2. Slow down a bit.There's a 50 km____________ on this road.
  3. You must get a_____________ before you can drive a car.
  4. The camel is the most common_____________ in the desert of Egypt and some other countries.
  5. Avoid the rush hour and you won't get stuck in a____________ .
  6. He is driving so fast: he may endanger other___________ .
  7. This morning a lorry broke down near the___________ .
  8. A new______________ has been built in the suburbs of our city.

Key - Đáp án:

1. train ticket; 2. speed limit; 3. driving license; 4. means of transport

5. traffic jam; 6. road users; 7. zebra crossing; 8. railway station

5. Complete the following conversation with the sentences A-F.

Hoàn thành đoạn hội thoại sau với các câu từ A-F.

Key - Đáp án:

1. C; 2. A; 3. D; 4. E; 5. F; 6. B

6. Give the correct form of the words in brackets.

Cho dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc.

We have examined over 1,200 accidents while conducting our servey. 85% of all these accidents are caused by the drivers' (1. care)_______________ Only 9% of these accidents examined by us result from (2. mechanic)________________ faults in vehicles Our swey (3.dear_______________________ shows that a large number of accidents can be (4. prevent)________________ Morever, many questioned have given very(5.fool)_________reasons for the cause of accidents. 'The pedestrian had no idea where to go, so I crashed into him', one driver said.

Key - Đáp án:

1. carelessness; 2. mechanical; 3. clearly; 4. prevent; 5. foolish

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