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A. What are you doing? - Unit 8 trang 93 sách bài tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 6

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Hướng dẫn giải sách bài tập Tiếng Anh 6 Unit 8 - What are you doing?


1. Complete the sentences. Use am/ is/ are + one of these verbs - Hoàn thành các câu sau. Sử dụng am/ is are + một trong số các động từ sau











a) Listen! Ba is playing the piano.

b) My brother ___ in his office now.

c) Look! A boy ___ in the river.

d) "Where is your mother?" "In the kitchen, she ___ the meal."

e) Lan ___ her hair.

f)  They ___ for the bus.

g) The girl ___ an ice cream.

h) The workers ___ to work by bus.

i)  Some birds ___ in the sky.

j)  Look! Hoa ___ to school with her new friends.


Đáp án:

b) is working

c) is swimming

d) is cooking

e) is washing

f) are waiting

g) is eating

h) are traveling

i) are flying

j) is walking


2. What is the difference between picture A and picture B? Write two sentences each time. Use is/are + v-ing. - Sự khác biệt giữa bức tranh A và bức tranh B là gì? Viết 2 câu cho mỗi bức tranh. Sử dụng is/are + V-ing




a) In A the boy is standing. In B the girl is sitting on a chair


Đáp án:

b) In A the girl is riding a bike. In B the boy is walking

c) In A the girl is running. In B the boy is swimming

d) In A the girl is eating. In B the boy is reading

e) In A the man is waiting for a bus. In B the girls are waiting for a train

f) In A the girl is riding a bike. In B the boy is riding a motorbike


3. Read the answers. Write a question for each answer, using the cues. - Đọc câu trả lời. Viết câu hỏi cho mỗi câu trả lời, sử dụng gợi ý 


a)  That is Mrs. Loan.

b)  She is a doctor.

c)  She is going to the clinic.

d)  She is traveling by motorbike.


a)  Who ………………………….?

b)  What ………………………….?

c)  Where ………………………..?

d)  How …………………………..?


Đáp án:

a) Who is that?

b) What does she do?

c) Wherre is she going?

d) How is she traveling?


4. Write five sentences about what each student in the class is doing. - Viết 5 câu về những việc mà mỗi học sinh trong lớp đang làm


Nam is writing a letter.

Hoa is drawing a picture.


Example answer:

a) Anh is learning English

b) Duc is listening to music

c) Ha is playing games

d) Trang is reviewing lessons

e) Linh is sleeping


5. Write the -ing forrm of the verbs - Viết dạng -ing của động từ

a) do                       doing                             b) play 

c) wash                                                        d) listen          

e) have                                                        f) brush

g) go                                                           h) watch     

i) eat                                                           j) take   

k) live                                                          l) read 

m) wait                                                       n) walk

o) sing 


Đáp án:

a) doing                                                       b) playing 

c) washing                                                    d) listening          

e) having                                                      f) brushing

g) going                                                       h) watching     

i) eating                                                        j) taking   

k) living                                                        l) reading 

m) waiting                                                    n) walking

o) singing 


6. Complete the sentences, using the verbs in exercise 5. - Hoàn thành các câu sau, sử dụng động từ ở bài 5

Example: Nga and Chi are listening to the music.

a) My family are ___ in the park.

b) The children are ___ football in the yard.

c) Her sister is ___ a comic book.

d) They are all ___ in the choir.

e) We are ___ pizza and coffee for breakfast.

f) Mai is ___ home from school.

g) Nga and Ba are ___ Tom and Jerry on TV.

h) My son is ___ his teeth in the bathroom.

i) Their daughters are ___ in France now.

j) His mother is ___ the dishes in the kitchen.


Đáp án:

a) walking

b) playing

c) reading 

d) singing

e) eating

f) going

g) watching

h) brushing

i) living

j) washing


7. Write questions - Viết câu hỏi

Example: What / she / do

What is she doing?

a) Where / they / walk

b) What / Nga / read

c) Why / your sister / go to the hospital

d) How / Mr. Tan / go to work

e) Who / we / wait for

f) Where / her children / play


Đáp án:

a) Where are they walking?

b) What is Nga reading?

c) Why is your sister going to the hospital?

d) How is Mr. Tan going to work?

e) Who are we waiting for?

f) Where are her children playing?

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