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Hướng dẫn giải sách bài tập Tiếng Anh 6 Unit 7 - Town or country?


1. Look at the picture. Complete the sentences with There is; There are, There isn't, or There aren't - Nhìn vào tranh. Hoàn thành câu với There is; There are, There isn't, hoặc There aren't


a) ……. five shops in the picture.

b) ……. a bus at the bus stop.

c) ……. any dogs in the picture.

d) ……. two people in the lorry.

e) ……. four boys in the street.

f)   ……. three birds in the sky. ,

g) ……. any trees in the picture.

h) ……. two cars in the picture.


Đáp án:

a) There are

b) There isn't

c) There aren't 

d) There are

e) There are

f) There are

g) There aren't

h) There are


2. Read the texts about Ba and Chi in your student's book. Then answer the questions - Đọc đoạn văn về Ba và Chi trong sách giáo khoa của bạn, sau đó trả lời các câu hỏi

About Ba :

a) Does Ba live in a house? No, he doesn't. He lives in an apartment.

b) Does he live near a supermarket?

c) Are there any stores near his apartment?

d) Is there a school near the apartment?

e) Are there any paddy fields near the apartment?

Now write similar questions and answers about Chi. - Bây giờ viết câu hỏi và trả lời tương tư về Chi


Đáp án:

b) No, he doesn't

c) No, there aren't.

d) Yes, there is

e) No, there aren't 

About Chi:

a) Does Chi live in a house? - Yes, she is

b) Does she live in the city? - Nó, she doesn't. She live in the country

c) Are there any parks near her house? - No, there aren't

d) Are there any trees near her house? - Yes, there are


3. Complete the dialogue between Ba and Chi, using the words in the box. - Hoàn thành đoạn hội thoại giữa Ba và Chi, sử dụng từ trong bảng

trees, parks, house, noisy, market, country, quiet


Hello, Chi.


Hi, Ba.


Do you live in a house in the ...(a)..., Chi?


Yes, I do. Do you live in a ...(b)... in town, Ba?


No, I don’t. I live in an apartment.


Are there any ...(c)... near your house?


No, there aren’t. But there are ...(d)...,


flowers and paddy fields.


Is it ...(e)...?


No, it isn’t. It is very quiet.


Is there a ...(f)... near your house?


Yes, there is. It isn’t ...(g)... . It is very noisy.


Đáp án:

a) country

b) house

c) parks

d) trees

e) noisy

f) market

g) quiet


4. Choose true sentences about you. - Chọn câu đúng về bạn

a) I live in a house in the country.

b) I live in an apartment in town.

c) Near my house there is a supermarket.

d) Near my house there isn’t a clinic.

e) Near my house there aren’t any trees,

f)  There is a lake near my school.

g) There isn’t a market near my school.

h) There are paddy fields near my house.

i)  There is a park near my house.

j)  There aren’t any stores near my house.


Example answer:

a) F      b) T      c) T      d) T      e) F

f) T       g) F      h) F      i) T       j) F


5. Write five sentences about your house or apartment. - Viết 5 câu về ngôi nhà hoặc căn hộ của bạn

Example: There is a river near our house.

               There are trees near the river.


Example answer:

There are many stores near my house

There are tall trees in front of my housse

There is a supermarket opposite to my house

To the right there is a drugstore

To the left there is a bookstore


6. Write the questions and answers. - Viết câu hỏi và trả lời

Example: She / live / in town          V

Does she live in town? - Yes, she does.


Thanh / live / in the city 



they / stay / in her house 



Lan / have / big bedroom 



you / work / at night 



Ngan / like / math 



Hoa / live / in a flat 



Đáp án:

a) Do they live in the city? No, they doesn't

b) Do they stay in her house? Yes, they do

c) Does Lan have big bedroom? No, she doesn't

d) Do you work at night? No, I don't

e) Does Ngan like math? Yes, she does

f) Does Hoa live in a flat? No,she doesn't


7. Read the passage and decide whether the following sentences are True (T) or False (F). - Đọc đoạn văn sau và quyết định xem những câu sau đúng hay sai

Mai is a student of grade 6 at Thong Nhat School. Her family lives in the country but she comes to town to live with her grandmother. She usually returns her home in the country on Saturday and Sunday. She stays there in two days. She plays with her brother and sister. She also helps her mother with the housework. Her house is small. There is a small living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Near her house, there are trees, flowers, a lake and paddy fields. She loves her home in the country because life is very peaceful here.

a)   Mai is a pupil of grade 7.

b)   She lives in the country with her family.

c)   She returns her family at the weekend.

d)   She has a big house.

e)   In her house, there are a small living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

f)    Near her house, there are trees, flowers, a lake and paddy fields.

g)   She loves her home in the country.


Đáp án:

a) F       b) F       c) T       d) F       e) T       f) T       g) T

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