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B. Vocabulary & Grammar – trang 10 – Unit 2 – Sách bài tập(SBT) tiếng Anh 7 mới

Bình chọn:
4.6 trên 15 phiếu

Underline the odd word/phrase in each group. Gạch dưới những từ có nghĩa khác trong mõi nhóm

1. Underline the odd word/phrase in each group.

Gạch dưới những từ có nghĩa khác trong mõi nhóm

Key - Đáp án:

1.D; 2.A; 3.D; 4.C; 5.C

2. Put the words/phrases in the box into the correct column.

Xếp các từ/cụm từ trong hộp sau vào đúng cột.

spitting, junk food, rubbish, clean water, eating fast, sitting close to the TV, parks, fresh milk, exercising, low-fat food, dusty area, making noise, cleaning teeth, trees, littering.




Food and drinks









Key - Đáp án: 


Healthy —


Food and drinks

low-fat food, fresh rrdk

junk food


exercising, deaning teeth

spitting, littering, eating fast, sitting close to the TV


clean water, parks, trees

rubbish, dusty area, making noise

3. Use the words/phrases in 2 to fill in the sentences.

Sử dụng từ/cụm từ trong bài 2 hoàn thành các câu sau.

1. Some people have a very bad habit of_____ in public. They throw used things anywhere.

2. It's harmful for your body if you eat a lot of____ .

3. _______ like running, playing ping pong can help you to stay in shape.

4. A public place should have a dust bin for people to throw________ in.

5. A good diet contains______ .

6. People who live in_______ often suffer from diseases.

Key - Đáp án:

1. littering; 2. junk food; 3. Exercising; 4. rubbish; 5. low-fat food; 6. dusty area

4. Look at the keywords and write the corresponding thing or activity in the column on the right. The first one is done as an example.

Key - Đáp án:

1. washing hand; 2. obesity; 3. junk food; 4. cleaning teeth; 5. soft drinks; 6. smog

5. Use the words in the box to fill in the text. You can use one word more than once.

Sử dụng các từ trong hộp để điền vào đoạn văn. Một từ có thể sử dụng hơn một lần.

Key - Đáp án:

1.a lot of; 2. a lot of; 3. much; 4. many; 5. less; 6. more; 7. a little; 8. more

6. Match the beginnings in A with the endings in B.

Nối phần bắt đầu ở cột A với phần kết ở cột B.

Key - Đáp án:

1.b; 2d; 3.a; 4.e; 5.c

7. Combine one independent clause 1 with the opposite independent clause 2 by using an appropriate coordinating conjunction.

Nối mệnh đề độc lập ở cột 1 với một mệnh đề độc lập ở cột 2 bằng cách sử dụng từ nối.

Key - Đáp án:

1 .This afternoon you can go swimming or you can ride on the path through the forest.

2. The Asian diet is low in calories, but the Western diet is high in calories.

3.  My town has a small population with little traffic and a lot of trees, so it is quiet and peaceful.

4.  To prevent flu, we eat a lot of garlic and we keep our bodies, especially our feet, warm.

5.  People in the countryside have less stress, so they usually live longer.


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