Câu 3 Unit 15 Trang 129 Sách Bài Tập ( SBT) Tiếng Anh 8

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Match the sentences in (I) with the appropriate responses in (II).

Match the sentences in (I) with the appropriate responses in (II).

Nối các câu ở (I) với các câu trả lời thích hợp ở cột (II)


a) Do you know how to use the Computer well? _______
b) What’s the matter with you? _______
c) Can’t you type a little bit faster? _______
d) What do you think of this new Computer game? _______
e) You are looking very excited. _______
f) Do you know where the new ink box is? _______
g) Why don’t you print out those pages? _______
h) Did you enjoy the game? _______
i) They look very tired. _______
j) Do you like playing the “car race” games? _______


A. My parents have just bought me a Computer set.

B. I’ve run out of paper.

C. Yes. They have tried to repair the system since early morning.

D. I haven’t seen anybody store any boxes in our room.

E. I have studied how to use it for years.

F. Oh, sorry. I haven’t been familiar with the keyboard yet.

G. I have never tried them.

H. I have forgotten the password of the file.

I. It’s the most interesting one I have ever played.

J. I have no idea. I haven’t played it yet.

Hướng dẫn giải 

a – E b – H c – F d – J e – A
f – D g – B h – I i – C j – G

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