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Câu 5 Unit 2 Trang 20 Sách Bài Tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 8

Bình chọn:
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Read each of the following sentences and put I for Intention, P for Prediction.

Đọc các câu sau và viết chữ I nếu là ý định, viết chữ P nếu là dự đoán. 


...I... I bought a pair of boots because I'm going (to go) skiing this Sunday.

...P... Look at the blind man walking over there. There's a hole in front of him. He's going to fall into the hole.

a) We are going to see "Romeo and Juliet" at the theater tonight. The tickets were very expensive.

b) - What are you going to buy Loan for her birthday?

- A handbag.

c) The wind is very strong. The door is going to slam.

d) Mr. and Mrs. Smith are working hard these days to save money as much as they can because they're going to buy a new house.

e) There was very little blossom this spring. Apples are going to be scarce.

f) Mr. Hai has just got up. It's a quarter to eight now, and he's going to be late for work.

g) We're going to stop here for a moment to get some petrol.

h) Look! The cat is running very slowly and she seems tired. She's going to have kittens.

i) I'm not going to stay here another minute.

j) We're going to take the children to the seaside this summer.

Hướng dẫn giải 

a) I        b) I        c) P      d) I      e) P      f) P      g) I       h) P     i) I     j) I

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