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Language Focus - Unit 14 trang 104 Sách bài tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 12

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Hướng dẫn giải sách bài tập tiếng Anh 12 unit 14 phần Language Focus


Exercise 1.Practise reading the following paragraph with the falling tune at the end of each sentence.

[Thực hành đọc các câu sau xuống giọng ở cuối câu]  

UNICEF has a programme to improve children’s health. It does this in several ways. It improves water supplies. It provides food and teaches people what to feed their children. It helps equip health centres, provides medical services and trains people to take good care of their children. It helps disabled children and provides vitamin A for children who might go blind because of the lack of it.

Exercise 2.Choose the correct answer.

[ Chọn câu trả lời đúng]

1. Hurry             . The train’s coming.

A. off           B. in           C. up           D. on

2. Did you have to fill              a form when you applied for the job?

A. on           B. up          C. with        D. in

3. Who looks              your grandmother when she is ill?

A. up           B. for          C. after      D. at

4. I can’t hear the news on TV, please turn the radio             .

A. off           B. in           C. up           D. to

5. I have to take              my hat to Alice. She has done an excellent job.

A. to           B. in           C. off           D. out

6. We will send out invitations and see who turns             .

A. up           B. in            C. out        D. on

7. Don’t you think that Sally takes            her mother?

A. in            B. after        C. to            D. off

8. She is afraid of the dark. Don’t turn the light until she sleeps soundly.

A. on            B. to            C. off          D. in

9. Could you turn _____ the gas and heat the soup?

A. off            B. in            C. to            D. on

10. These ink stains won’t wash_____.

A. out            B. in            C. up            D. to

11. Let me do the cooking and you do the washing _____.

A. off            B. up            C. in            D. to

12. Look the time of the next train in the timetable.

A. in            B. after          C. up            D. on

13. The famous _____ of the Red Cross is a white flag wearing a red cross.

A. slogan      B. symbol       C. caption      D. model

14. The Red Cross gives medical aid and other help to            of major disasters all over the world.

A. civilians    B. prisoners     C. victims        D. soldiers

15. The Red Cross proves to be very helpful both in time of war and of           .

A. peace       B. difficulties     C. crises         D. troubles

16. In the UN, a small country is               to a large country.

A. the same     B. similar         C. equal         D. like


1. C        2. D         3. C           4. A

5. C         6. A         7. B          8. C

9. D        10. A       11. B        12. C

13. B       14. C      15. A        16. C

Exercise 3.Decide if the sentences are correct () or incorrect (X).

[Quyết định những câu sau là đúng (√) hay sai (x)]  

0. √  We decided to set off early.

  _x_ We decided to set early off.

1. ___ Could you turn off the radio please?

    ___ Could you turn the radio off please?

2. ___ No switch on it again.

    ___ No switch it on again.

3. ___ I’m listening to it.

    ___ I’m listening it to.

4. ___ I can’t go out tonight.

    ___ I can’t go tonight out.

5. ___ I’m looking after my little sister.

   ___ I’m looking my little sister after.


1.__ √___ Could you turn off the radio please?

   __ √___Could you turn the radio off please?

2. __ x___ No switch on it again.

    __ √___No switch it on again.

3. __ √___I’m listening to it.

   __ x___ I’m listening it to.

4.  __ √___I can’t go out tonight.

    __ x___ I can’t go tonight out.

5.  __ √___ I’m looking after my little sister.

   __ x___ I’m looking my little sister after.


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