Language Focus - Unit 8 trang 59 Sách bài tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 12

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Hướng dẫn giải sách bài tập tiếng Anh 12 unit 8 phần Language Focus


Exercise 1.Practise reading the following sentences, paying attention to the contracted form of have or has.

[ Thực hành đọc những câu sau, chú ý đến dạng viết tắt của have và has]

1. They’ve been to China and eaten a lot of Chinese food.

2. You’ve given me exactly what I’ve always wanted.

3. She’s been very nice to us.

4. He hasn’t tried his best yet.

5. You’ve gone too far.

6. We haven’t done anything that’s not allowed.

7. She’s bought a bottle of champagne. She hasn’t known that he’s failed.

8. He’s always been in good health. He hasn’t seen a doctor for forty years.

Exercise 2.Choose the correct answer. [ Chọn đáp án đúng]

1. I don’t usually like staying at             hotels, but last summer we spent a few days at             very nice hotel by             sea.

A. X / the / a            B. the / a / the 

C. X / a / the            D. the / the / the

2.             tennis is my favourite sport. I play once or twice             week if I can, but I’m not             very good player.

A. X / a / a                B. the / a / the 

C. a / the / a              D. X / X / X

3. I won’t be home for             dinner this evening. I’m meeting some friends after             work and we’re going to             cinema.

A. X / the / X               B. X / X / the

C. a / the / a               D. the / a / the

4.             unemployment is increasing at the moment and it’s getting difficult for            people to find             work.

A. The/X/a                   B. The/X/the

C.X/X/X                       D. The/the/a

5. There was             accident as I was going            home last night. Two people were taken to             hospital. I think             most accidents are caused by              people driving too fast.

A. an / the / X / an / the           C. an / X / X / X / X

B. an / a / X / X / X                   D. the / the / the / the / the

6. Carol is             economist. She used to work in             investment department of            Lloyds Bank. Now she works for             American bank in             United States.

A. an / the / X / an / the             C. an / X / X / X / the

B. the / an / the / the / X             D. an / the / the / an / the

7. A: What’s            name of             hotel where you’re staying?

    B:             Imperial. It’s in             Queen Street in             city centre. It’s near             station.

A. the / the / The / the / the / a

B. the / the / the / X / the / the

C. the / the / X / X / the / a

D. X / X / the / the / a / a

8. I have two brothers:             older one is training to be             pilot with British Airways;             younger one is still at             school. When he leaves            school, he wants to go to             university to study law.

A. the / a / the / X / X / X 

B. a / the / X / X / X / X

C. X / X / X / the / a / an

D. the / a / an / the / the / the


1. C           2. A           3. B           4. C

5. C           6. A           7. C           8. A

Exercise 3.Choose the correct answer.

[ Chọn câu trả lời đúng]

1. Jack has gone away. He’ll be back            a week.

A. on            B. in           C. during           D. by

2. We’re having a party           Saturday. Can you come?

A. at             B. for         C. in               D. on

3. I’ve got an interview next week. It’s             9.30             Tuesday morning.

A. at / on      B. at / in    C. on / on        D. in / in

4. Sue isn’t usually here            weekends. She goes away.

A. in          B. at          C. until          D. by

5. The train service is very good. The trains are nearly always           time.

A. by           B. in           C. on           D. at

6. It was a confusing situation. Many things were happening              the same time.

A. during       B. in        C. by        D. at

7. I couldn’t decide whether or not to buy the sweater.             the end I decided to leave it.

A. At         B. In          C. During        D. For

8. The road is busy all the time, even             night.

A. at          B. in          C. by          D. since

9. I met a lot of nice people            my stay in New York.

A. for          B. since          C. during          D. by

10. I saw Helen           Friday, but I haven’t seen her           then.

A. on / since       B. at / for        C. in / by        D. for / since

11. Brian has been doing the same job                five years.

A. since        B. at        C. for        D. in

12. Lisa’s birthday is               the end of March. I’m not sure exactly which day it is.

A. at            B. in             C. on             D. by

13. We have some friends staying with us              the moment. They’re staying Friday.

A. at / by      B. in / for       C. on / until       D. at / until

14. If you’re interested in applying for the job, your application must be received               Friday.

A. in           B. for            C. at            D. by

15. I’m just going out. I won’t be long. I’ll be back              ten minutes.

A. at            B. during             C. in             D. since

16. The plan has been changed, but nobody seems to know the reason            this.

A. for            B. of            C. in            D. at

17. Don’t ask me to decide. I’m not very good           making decisions.

A. in             B. at             C. for             D. with.

18. Some people say that Sue is unfriendly, but she’s always very nice         me.

A. with              B. for              C. to              D. in

19. What do you think is the best solution            the problem?

A. at              B. with              C. for              D. to

20. There has been a big increase                the price of land recently.

A. on             B. in                 C. by              D. with

21. He lives a rather lonely life. He doesn’t have much contact other people.

A. with               B. for               C. of               D. by

22. Paul is a keen photographer. He likes taking pictures           people.

A. for            B. to            C. with            D. of

23. Michael got married           a woman he met when he was studying at college.

A. with             B. to              C. for             D. by

24. He’s very brave. He’s not afraid _____ anything.

A. with             B. for             C. of             D. at

25. I’m surprised            the amount of traffic today. I didn’t think it would be so busy.

A. by              B. for               C. with               D. in

Hướng dẫn giải:

1.B            2. D          3. A          4. B          5. C

6. D           7. B          8. A          9. C        10. A

11.C          12. A        13. D        14. D        15. C

16. A          17. B        18. C        19. D        20. B

21. A          22. D        23. B        24. C        25. A

Exercise 4.Choose the correct answer.

[ Chọn câu trả lời đúng]

1. Andy          my wallet while he was walking home.

A. was finding          B. has found

C. found                   D. would found

2. I’m sorry, Dad’s not here this weekend. He’s           to my uncle’s house.

A. been            B. gone              C. went             D. goes

3. We can meet at the cafe           the cinema.

A. across          B. next              C. opposite         D. to

4. I haven’t read any English books             last year.

A. yet             B. for             C. before             D. since

5. The sports stadium isn’t as modem             the skateboard park.

A. as              B. than             C. so             D. that

6.             this author written many books?

A. Did             B. Is             C. Has             D. Will

7. My family arrived in this country fifty years             .

A. already      B. yet           C. time             D. ago

8. Several languages taught at this school.

A. are             B. have       C. do             D. be

9. Thank you very much           the presents you have given us.

A. to            B. for            C. of            D. with

10. It’s best to go round the city centre on              .

A. bus            B. foot            C. bicycle            D. car

11. Alice is the girl            guitar I borrowed for the concert.

A. that            B. whose            C. her            D. which

12. Be careful when you step               the bus.

A. out            B. of            C. down            D. off

13. We used to live next            to my grandparents.

A. door            B. house            C. place            D. step

14. Adrian wanted to know where             to the CD player

A. did you buy            B. I had bought

C. was bought            D. bought

15. I’m afraid there aren’t             cups for everyone to have some coffee.      

A. many            B. much            C. enough            D. so

Hướng dẫn giải:

1.C         2. B          3. C          4. D          5. A

6. C        7. D          8. A          9. B          10. B

11.B       12. D        13. A        14. B         15. C

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