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Hướng dẫn giải sách bài tập tiếng Anh 12 unit 7 phần Speaking


Exercise 1. The table below shows the economic development of the people of Tango after their economic reform. Look at the table and practise speaking about it, using the information from the table.

[ Bảng bên dưới thể hiện sự phát triển kinh tế của con người của Tango sau khi cải cách kinh tế. Nhìn vào bảng và thực hành nói về nó, sử dụng thông tin từ bảng]

Before the reform

After the reform




+ 10%




+ 5%

Heavy industry


Heavy industry

+ 9%

Number of hospitals


Number of hospitals


Number of doctors


Number of doctors


Number of schools


Number of schools


Number of teachers


Number of teachers



The economy has changed much better after the reform. Befor the reform the agriculture rate was - 5% and the fishery rate was – 3%, after the reform the agriculture and fishery rate is  + 10% and + 5% respectively. The heavy industry before the reform was + 15% and after the reform the heavy industry decreased to + 9%. After the reform, the number of hospitals, doctors and schools has increased respectively from 50 to 100, 300 to 500 and 100 to 120. However, the number of teacher has fallen down sharply from 4000 to 600.

Exercise 2. Read the following passage then practise speaking it aloud to yourself.

[Đọc bài sau đây sau đó thực hành tự đọc to lên]

The planet Earth is 4,600 million years old. It is difficult for us to think about such an enormous length of time because it has little meaning for us. We can, however, simplify the idea to make it more understandable. We can compare the planet Earth to a person of forty-six years of age.

Nothing is known about the first seven years of this person’s life. Very little information exists about the middle period either. It was only at the age of forty- two that the Earth began to flower.

Dinosaurs and reptiles did not appear until one year ago, when the planet was forty-five. Mammals only arrived eight months ago. In the middle of last week, men-like apes became ape-like men and began to communicate with each other. Last weekend, the Ice Age covered the Earth.

Modern man has only been around for four hours. During the last hour man discovered agriculture. The Industrial Revolution and the rise of large cities began just six seconds ago.

During that short time, modern man has made a rubbish tip of the Earth. In one minute, he has increased his numbers to terrible proportions, and has caused the death of hundreds of species of animals. He has robbed and destroyed the planet in his search for fuels.

Exercise 3. Talk about the development of your school. Ask one of the senior teachers in your school to get information about:

(i) the number of classrooms in certain periods of time

(ii) the number of teachers in certain periods of time

(iii) the number of students in certain periods of time

(iv) the number of computers in certain periods of time

(v) teaching and learning facilities in certain periods of time

Dịch bài

Nói về sự phát triển của trường bạn. Hỏi một trong những giáo viên của bạn để nhận thông tin về:

- số phòng học ở những giai đoạn nhất định

- số giáo viên ở những giai đoạn nhất định

- số máy tính ở những giai đoạn nhất định

- cơ sở vật chất học và dạy ở những giai đoạn nhất định


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